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Mostrando las entradas de enero 20, 2019

Now one poem,ahora un poema.

(English version)-(Español versión). Maybe we are far, But our hearts are together. Every day I want to know, How you feel,How you are and what you are thinking... Altrought we are far, My eyes shine when I think of you. And I can not stop dreaming of being with you. You and me one only love  that goes beyond borders. From afar I feel your hugs and your caresses, I feel you kisses and the sound of your lips. My heart belongs to you. because where the heart is,is where one is, And where I am, I know it's with you. And every night watching the moon I wait for you, because I know that one day you will arrive. And together we will be inseparable, breaking all the barriers that don't allow us to be together. And now I'm just telling you that these beautiful feelings that I'm feeling for you, And it's cause my love is with you. Tal vez estamos lejos, Pero nuestros corazones están juntos. Cada día quiero saber,como te sentís, como estas y que estas p