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Mostrando las entradas de octubre 21, 2019

Where do the limits start?

Today I was having a discussion with my good friend about our relationships with family, friends and people in general.  We were discussing ways in which we could improve the quality of our relationships. We realized we need to work on our personal boundaries. Personal boundaries are a very important part of one’s life. Unfortunately, many people do not start to learn or understand about them early enough. Most times we only discover their importance after we have already experienced many problems in our relationships. It is these boundaries that keep us safe and give us a healthy environment in which we can grow strong, healthy and sustainable relationships. Think of boundaries like a fence around your property. This fence allows you to keep out unwanted visitors and to allow in only the people you welcome to your home. Without the fence our property can become chaotic and unmanageable .  Healthy boundaries allow us to pick and choose who we have in our lives