Thursday, February 3, 2022

Why paper money is a lie?

 Governments have the ability to print more money whenever they desire. When they print more money the money that people have worked for or have saved becomes less valuable, this is called currency devaluation.  As a result of the creation of more paper money inflation occurs.

This is when the price of real goods increases because the buying power of the dollar has lost value. People have accepted this as normal but in reality the price of goods compared to currency never has to change.

When the governments print more money the costs of goods and services increase and now people have to work harder in order to buy the same quantity of goods. Allowing a government the ability to print money at will is allowing them to have complete control over the people without limits.

Over the years paper money always loses its value compared to gold or silver.  When Governments print paper money unrestrained it can cause such rapid inflation that a country can become unstable and crisis is the result. In order to have a stable economy, it is necessary to have a currency or form of money that holds its value over time.   People have the ability of making better decisions instead of saving money in assets that over time lose value, people can invest in better platforms and also discover that what our ancestors used to exchange was real money and was replaced by the system creating fictitious paper that have no value.  (if you got to this part of the article let me tell you that people have been deceived….

The traditional forms of money such as gold and silver hold its value over time and maybe you didn't realize it.

One only has to look back through history to realize that any monetary system based on fiat (paper) money that is not backed by gold or silver has always failed.  

I invite you to compare a paper money, an ounce of silver and an ounce of gold, with the passage of time the paper breaks down and disappears, instead silver and gold still retain their value and can be used for many things.

Another way of knowing is weighing each one, with that you will realize that the paper really has nothing of value.

I can assure you that although bitcoin only exists digitally, it has more value because there is a set limit to how many of them can exist and more can not ever be created. 

Fiat (paper) money will always lose its value and over time become worthless.

The secret to having a stable economy and a prosperous country is to have a currency that is backed by gold or silver or some asset that over time will hold its value.  

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